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Perfecto Shaving Bowl

Perfecto Shaving Bowl Perfecto Shaving Bowl Perfecto Shaving Bowl Perfecto Shaving Bowl Perfecto Shaving Bowl

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Perfecto Shaving Bowl

Оригинальное название Perfecto Shaving Bowl
EAN 0703610497702
Артикул Bowl-1
Фирма Perfecto
Привязка Разный
Особенности A THOUGHTFUL GIFT IDEA: Are you struggling to find an appropriate present for your husband, boyfriend, dad, grandad or brother? Look no further! This stainless steel shaving bowl is an amazing gift idea for that special man in your life, or any man who can appreciate the classic, old-school way of shaving!;
CLASSY SHAVING OR YOUR MONEY BACK: The Perfecto shaving cream bowl is made with only quality in mind and that's why we stand behind our product 100% and offer you a guarantee (as per Amazon policy) in case there is anything wrong with your purchase! Your satisfaction is truly our #1 priority!;
DURABLE & COST-EFFECTIVE SHAVE MUG: There's no reason to pay a lot of money for a ceramic bowl that will break in a few weeks or months when you can get a stainless steel and completely heat insulated shaving mug to fit your shaving needs!;
SMOOTH, HASSLE-FREE SHAVING: If you are accustomed to the traditional razor-style of shaving, then you need to be equipped with the right tools to ensure a smooth, elegant shave. The Perfecto shaving bowl is the perfect addition to your wet shaving kit as it will never chip, crack or break!;
USE WITH CLASSIC SHAVING MUG SOAP OF ANY KIND: Just add your favorite shaving soap refill to this shaving soap dish and use your shaving brush to work your lather. Plus, the fine-polished and smooth design, make for a deluxe appearance that will fit right in your bathroom.
Группа Красота
UPC 703610497702
Количество в упаковке 1
Производитель Perfecto
Размер L
Упаковка: Вес: 28.0 кг
Группа товаров Другое

Perfecto Shaving Bowl на Amazon – выгодные покупки для наших клиентов

Всемирно известный интернет-магазин Amazon предлагает приобрести недорогие товары высокого качества. Perfecto Shaving Bowl по доступной цене - ваш шанс воспользоваться уникальным предложением не выходя из дома. Perfecto Shaving Bowl - купите прямо сейчас и наслаждайтесь шопингом с максимальным комфортом. Специальные условия на доставку в Шахты.