Отзывы о товаре: Футболка для мальчиков Cute tiao 2015 t 100% 453210

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отзыв от 2015-06-10 15:57:00

received a t-shirt, very beautiful and very high quality, absolutely can not be distinguished from the real one!) the only bolshemerit, or incorrectly sent size)) but anything goes! came in red, unexpectedly, because of such here and was not listed in)))) thank you very much!!!!!! I will be ordering from you in the future!! super quality!!!

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отзыв от 2015-07-02 16:38:00

Рубашка пришла серого цвета, вместо желтого. Размер 6Т не соответствует размерной сетке. Рубашка широкая.

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